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Price List 2019 11 01


Great service, very convenient pick-up and quality cleaning.


Great customer service, very helpful with both delivery and late hours that give me flexibility in getting my stuff.


My comforter was back 4 days later on the next service day for my area waiting for me when I got home from work. It is re-fluffed and looks virtually brand new, I was actually quite surprised. 


I love this service. The person that picks up my laundry is so nice and friendly. He brought me my own bag, given I am new to the service. I really enjoy it.


Only 2 days and my order was delivered. Quick friendly personnel, clean environment, clothing perfectly done.


Everything was delivered on time as expected. The dry cleaning was excellent and the clothing was hung on appropriate hangers. The alternations/fixes to a couple items turned out great.


Love being able to drop off & pick up from my office - thank you!


It was very easy to come in. I was greeted by a very friendly person. I got my clothes back a day earlier than I had expected. Wonderful.


Excellent customer service, clean clothes and blankets, all done in an environmentally responsible way.


This was my very first time using a cleaners, and the process could not have been more efficient. From start to finish, Blue Sky provided an exceptional experience

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